Update on our twitter blind tasting!

Tomorrow, Sunday at 20:30 we’re opening our mystery bottles. We’ll live tweet our impressions of the wine, try to describe what we’re tasting and some of us will make wild allegations about where the wine came from. There’s nothing at stake but honour and bragging rights.

Our list of participants is growing. We now have at least:

@bubblebrothers will be our independant observer, and will pronounce the victor **.

You are very welcome to join in. You need to get a mystery bottle from Bubble Brothers. Then you need to follow all the twitter people mentioned above, watch for the #twebt hashtag, and most important of all – enjoy the wine.

@grapes_of_sloth has a link to a systematic approach to tasting. Or, you can use my style of tasting. Open bottle, pour into glass*, taste.

Thanks to everyone that’s taking part, and to the gang in Bubble Brothers, Mortons of Galway and Urru in Bandon for breaking out the wrapping paper and making this possible.

We’re hoping that if this event goes well we can have another one, perhaps with a mystery bottle from either Karwig Wines or Curious Wines.

* this step is optional
** possibly not till Monday or later in the week, given that I’ve not actually asked him to do this 🙂

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9 Responses to “twebt”

  1. Julian says:

    While reminding all participants that I am entirely incorruptible (small denominations, used, your initials only on the envelope) I should also like to extend gratitude to URRU in Bandon for playing along and supplying @manicmammy’s bottle, suitably prepared.

    Good luck to all. Please bear in mind, if you are of a competitive disposition, that it is the taking part that counts, and not the winning. This is especially important when the contest is rigged.

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  3. Catherine says:

    Hey Brian,
    Looking forward to this evening’s twebt. Can you please add @conoro to the participant list. He is taking part despite knowing the wine is red and therefore couldn’t possibly be his beloved NZ Sauvignon blanc 😉

  4. brianclayton says:

    Hi Catherine,
    I’m delighted to add a fellow NZ sauvignon blanc lover to the #twebt list.

    I’m also looking forward to tonight, and starting to look wistfully at the mystery bottle!

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