twebt 2: this time it’s curious

twebt is back! and this time Curious Wines have kindly agreed to be the suppliers of the mystery wine!

twebt (twitter event, blind tasting) is a wine tasting on twitter. You buy the mystery bottle of wine and at the appropriate time you open it, taste it and we all try to guess what sort of wine it is. It’s not competitive, there’s no prize and it’s for everyone, not just wine buffs. It takes place over an hour or two, so everyone has a chance to taste the wine, and start talking about it with everyone else.

The twebt itself will take place at about 8:00 pm Sunday the 31st January. You can buy the mystery bottle from Curious Wines either in-store in Bandon, or online.
It’ll cost €19 shipped to anywhere in Ireland.
You need a twitter account, and then you need to follow me – @brianclayton,Kevin Crowley, the lads at Curious Wines and everyone who signs up below. you then follow the #twebt hashtag and have fun!

taking part so far we have (at least):

judges and imparters of information will of course be Curious Wines

We did this last November with a bottle from Bubble Brothers and it worked really well.

Huge thanks to the gents at Curious Wines and Kevin from Fenn’s Quay

We’ll hope do this again in a couple of months – we’re eyeing up Karwig Wines for the next one!

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9 Responses to “twebt 2: this time it’s curious”

  1. Kevin says:

    Let the fun commence!!

  2. Hey Brian

    Fair play to you and Kevin. Great to see it. As for Karwig Wines getting involved in the next one, consider it done. Will be happy to be involved.

    I am away for the upcoming twebt2 but will follow it on my iPhone like the last time.

    Happy twebting

  3. brianclayton says:

    @Kevin – I’m really looking forward to it!

    Hi Maurice
    that’s great – we look forward to the next twebt!

  4. Catherine says:

    Looking forward to it. Well done to yourself and Kevin for organising once again. Should be good craic.

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  6. Grace says:

    Woohoo for twebt 2!

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  8. Des says:

    You can sign me up as well – @despod

  9. brianclayton says:

    delighted to hear that Des – welcome to the fun!
    and thanks Catherine and Grace – promise ye won’t win this time!

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