twebt 5 with red nose wine

twebt is back! and this is the most mysterious mystery bottle to date!
We don’t even know if it’s red or white this time.

twebt 5 will take place at 21:00 on Sunday the 27th June.

Gary over at Red Nose Wine has chosen the mystery bottle for us this time. You can order it here or you can try our a new feature for twebt.
Gary has a special offer on his website, just for twebt people.
You get a case of 6 bottles, one of which is the mystery bottle plus a special selection of 5 of Red Nose’s finest for €80 plus a fiver shipping.

If you chose to order the mystery bottle all by its lonesome, it’ll run you €14 plus a fiver to ship.

Use the coupon ‘Twebt’ at checkout to get the delivery back to €5

What’s twebt?
It’s a blind tasting that we do on twitter. All welcome, all you need is a free twitter account and the mystery bottle. I’ve lots more information here. I hope you can join us!

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5 Responses to “twebt 5 with red nose wine”

  1. Tom Quinn says:

    Definitely signing up for this one, disappointed to have missed the last.

  2. […] The tables are turned for now I am the supplier and I know the wine. Is it Red, White, Rose or Bubbly? I can’t tell you as the inventors of the TWEBT, Mr. Brian Clayton and Mr. Kevin Crowley would be most upset. It’s all happening on Sunday June 27th, so you can call into Red Nose Wine in Clonmel to collect your bottle or order online here. For full OFFICIAL rules please got to Brian’s blog. […]

  3. brianclayton says:

    Hi Tom,

    great to hear you’ll join us this time – it should be great fun!

  4. […] Tomorrow evening (Wednesday 23rd) is the last day to order your mystery bottle for twebt5. […]

  5. […] original post is here and Gary’s post is […]

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