naval service fleet review 2012

President Michael D. Higgins took part in a review of the Naval Service in Cobh yesterday.

5 ships took part, L.E. Eithne the flagship of the Irish Naval service, LE Niamh, LE Aisling, LE Aoife and HMS Mersey from the Royal Navy. LE Eithne was moored at the deepwater quay, waiting to welcome the president aboard for the review.

Once the 4 ships had arrived in Cobh, they anchored just offshore and prepared for the review.
L.E. Niamh, L.E. Aisling, L.E. Aoife and HMS Mersey arrive for the fleet review.

The president boarded LE Eithne, and LE Eithne moved down towards Whitegate, to turn and conduct the fleet review heading upriver.
President Higgins conducts fleet review

As LE Eithne passed each ship, they saluted each other.
L.E. Eithne passes HMS Mersey during fleet review.

L.E. Eithne passes L.E. Aoife during fleet review.

You can see more photos from the event on my flickr.

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