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new craft beers from Galway and Sligo, via Bradleys

Friday, October 31st, 2014

The lads at Galway Hooker Brewery have produced a stout – and I’m sure it’ll be as good as their Pale Ale.
The White Hag brewery in Sligo have launched their range in shops, and I’ve heard great things. I’m really keen to try these. Michael in Bradleys on North Main st has a good stock of both – pop in to get some.

Galway Hooker and White Hag craft beers

While you’re there – he has a fantastic offer on two really tasty wines – Moulin de Gassac red and white. I’m a huge fan of these and for a tenner each you can’t go wrong.

great wine offer in Bradleys

Beer Festival and homebrew demo at the Mad Monk Midleton

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Mad Monk Beer Festival

The Mad Monk is holding a beer festival this weekend, starting Friday. They’ll be tapping casks of two brews never before tasted! Brewed specially for the Mad Monk, you’ll be able to try Rocketship IPA and Midleton Red Ale – a red ale that sounds fantastic.

We’ll be there representing the National Homebrew Club on Saturday afternoon from about 2 running a homebrew demo. We’ll be using a small batch kit – just like you can on your stovetop in your kitchen. Look us up on the Rebels Forum on the forum.


Afterwards, Sam Black, from Blacks of Kinsale will be there to tell us about being a brewer. I’ve met Sam, and if you have an interest in brewing or running a business, he’s a great guy to talk to.

See you there!

a selection from Bradleys

Monday, August 18th, 2014

I paid a long overdue visit to Bradleys on North Main St. last week. I’d heard of two new Irish craft microbreweries opening, St Mel’s in Longford, and Kellys Mountain Brewing.

A selection from Bradleys

The Helles Lager is good, though might need a bit more carbonation. I’m looking forward to the other two, and the Franciscan Well Jameson barrel aged stout in its fancy new getup is a Christmas tradition and will be coming to Switzerland with us.

growlers available from the Franciscan Well

Monday, August 18th, 2014

The Franciscan Well is now selling beer in growlers, basically in large beer bottles that you take home and drink there.
It’s draught beer, from whatever is on tap on the day. A new one is €20 and a re fill is €16. The growler holds 4 pints.

I tried it with the Rebel Lager and it was perfect the first day, and still very good the second day. They do say you should drink it within 48 hours, and I’d agree with that.

I hope it’ll catch on with more pubs – it might be one answer to the fall off in trade, caused by people drinking at home.
(leaving aside *why* people are doing that).

One of the main pluses for me is that while I usually drive to the pub and therefore can’t have a drink, this way I can try
cask specials or whatever new beer is on draught.

Franciscan Well growler

Keep it cool in the fridge!
Franciscan Well growler

Hopefully the prices will drop a bit if the idea takes off.

I think the Bierhaus do growlers too, so I’ll head in and check.

homebrew club meetup in the Mad Monk, Midleton, Tuesday 8th at 8!

Monday, July 7th, 2014

We’re having our regular homebrew meetup in the Mad Monk in Midleton tomorrow, Tuesday the 8th at 8.
All are welcome, we’ll have some samples of homebrew for you to try and we’ll be chatting about beer, cider and
other drinks you can make at home.

homebrew meetup in the Mad Monk Midleton, Wednesday June 11th at 8.

Monday, June 9th, 2014

We’re having our next homebrew club meetup this Wednesday the 11th at 8pm in the Mad Monk Midleton.

All are welcome – come along to try out some homebrew and find out how to make tasty beer at home.

I’ll bring along some of the kit to show you what you need to make beer in the comfort of your own kitchen,
and you can sample some I’ve made recently.

new beers from Munster Brewery and a great beer’n’pizza offer

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Corks latest brewery, Munster Brewery recently opened just down the road from me in Youghal. Michael in Bradleys just got their first 2 beers in, so I called in to get them to try this weekend.

Blackguard and Fir Bolg, from Munster  Brewery

While I was in there I spotted this great offer – a six pack of 8 degrees fantastic beer, and a pizza from Saturday Pizzas in Ballymaloe. They sound like great pizza, soon as they make one without cheese I’ll be trying it :)

The craft revolution rolls on!

all grain small batch kits from True Batch Brew

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

I’ve been getting set up for small batch brewing at home, and I found a new company selling
kits for exactly that. The company is called True Batch Brew and they have a kit with just about everything you need to do an all grain brew at home. You’ll end up with about 4/5 litres of beer. There’s a pale ale or a stout kit, with refills for both available too.

Here’s what you get in the kit:
True Batch all grain kit, via Bradleys

You’ll need a stock pot of at least 8 litres size, and it would help if you had another of similar size.
I had one large one and two smaller which was a little bit more work.

I got the kit in Bradleys on North Main st. You could also get it in Hollands of Bray or on the True Batch Brew website.

It takes about 3 or 4 hours to get the beer made and into the fermenter, and you’ll need to leave it for another couple of weeks before you can try it.

I tried it out this morning, following the instructions – you can see pictures from the brew here.

I’ll have a review on the National Homebrew Club forum soon.

Homebrew club meetup at Mad Monk, Midleton

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

We’re having our next National Homebrew Club Meetup at the Mad Monk in Midleton this Wednesday 12th at 8 pm.
Everyone is welcome – if you’ve never brewed before and wonder how you can make beer at home,
or if you’ve brewed before and want to meet other home brewers.
I’m going to brew a kit beer on the night, and there will be demos of other
kits and a talk on making beer. See you there!

Download (PDF, 338KB)

this years Fenn’s Quay Christmas Pudding was fantastic

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Christmas pudding from Fenn’s Quay has become a family tradition. We take one to Switzerland to have with the family there, and a couple are eaten at home in Cork. I think Kate surpassed herself with this one – the best so far.

If you look at the photograph closely, you can see the Swiss Alps in the background :)

Fenn's Quay Christmas pudding in Switzerland