Irish Craft Beer

Craft Beer is enjoying a huge surge in popularity. Over the last few years
a number of microbreweries have opened up, and are selling craft
beer through a growing range of outlets.
Independent outlets like Bradleys in Cork,
and Hollands of Bray have been championing
the cause of great local beer for years, and now more outlets and the multinationals are getting in on the game.
Craft Beer is a great drink. It’s a bit more “tasty” than the mass market stuff you’ll get in a pub.
What I mean by that is simply that it has more taste. You’ll notice that all the beers have their own tastes, so you’ll want to try a few to find the sort of thing you like.

You won’t find gimmicks like serving it super cold (which only masks the taste), in fact you’ll find that they
recommend that you drink it slightly warmer – around 6-9 degrees is common. This allows you to taste all the flavours.

“But aren’t they all really strong?” Some craft beers can be high percentage. One of my favourites is up around 9%, so you need to take it handy. There are plenty at the normal 4.5% range though. Just check the bottle.

Check the ingredients!
One of the greatest things about craft beer is the list of ingredients. You won’t see preservatives or
chemicals listed. Typically, just water, hops, barley and yeast.

Irish Craft Breweries

In Cork, we have:

In Kerry:

In Carlow:

In Waterford:


Up North:

Some of my favourites

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