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all grain brew demo with National Homebrew Club in the Mad Monk Midleton

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

“The Mad Monk in association with the National Homebrew Club isholding…
All Grain Brewday – Saturday 29th March 10:30AM – Mad Monk Midleton

Starting at 10:30 we will be brewing 1 (or more, back to back) batches of beer in the Mad Monk.
This will continue until 3pm or 4pm, but you are more than welcome to drop in and out at any time.

You will see the complete brewing process process from whole grain to wort (unfermented beer).
Milling the Malt.
The Mash.
The Boil.
Cooling the Wort.”

More here
All are welcome.
There’s plenty of free parking in Midleton, or if you’d like to have a beer you can get a bus from town, or take the train. The station in Midleton is about a 15 minute stroll from the Mad Monk pub.

homebrew club meetup at the Mad Monk Midleton

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

The East Cork branch of the National Homebrew Club will be holding its second meeting at the Mad Monk in Midleton this wednesday 4th.

“An Evening of Brewing
The National Homebrew Club
Mad Monk, Midleton
Bottling demo – bottle the net from the Nov meet!
Equipment and Process
Free beer samples
**Beer Starter Kit Raffle!** Courtesy of Homebrew West
Discuss: bottles – sourcing, cleaning, sanitation, filling capping and labeling.
Wed 4th Dec 7:30pm-9pm
Mad Monk, Church Lane, Midleton
For more details…”

If you’re interested in homebrew please come along!
There’s plenty of parking right beside the pub.

blackrock castle wine club

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I went along to the first meeting of the Blackrock Castle Wine Club this evening.
Held in the atmospheric surroundings of Blackrock Castle, with wines supplied by Bubble Brothers

Our MCs for the evening were Billy Forrester, the guv’nor of Bubble Brothers and the charming Valerie, native of the Champagne region.
We opened with some talks from Valerie mixed with some videos that appear to have been produced in the 70s by the Champagne tourist board.
They were long on style (more realistically 70’s porno chic) and a little short on facts. Valerie more than made up for the information shortage with humorous and informative vignettes.


We then moved to the The Castle Bar and Trattoria where we tasted 6 Champagnes.
I thought that there were a couple of absolute crackers amongst them – my pick of the bunch is the Jean Claude Vallois Assemblage Noble Brut. The Andre Clouet vintage was a close second, and I’d be very happy with either in my glass.

There was a very jovial crowd, who were in great form and enthusiastic about the evening. I suspect they could squeeze one or two more in, so by all means contact Bubble Brothers and come along to the next one.

As always, I’ve scanned my notes from the evening for those who wish to decipher my handwriting.
blackrock wine club
The big numbers in circles are my personal ranking. Sorry Rosé, I just don’t get you.