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pilot boarding liner

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

When ships arrive in port, they must take on a pilot. Typically, the pilot arrives out on a motor launch and boards the ship. He (or she) proceeds to the bridge and instructs the officer on the bridge on how they should proceed to the berth. The officer on the bridge gives all the commands, the pilot merely gives “suggestions”.

When the ship is as big as the Independence of the Seas the pilot has a long walk to get to the bridge!
Pilot prepares to board Independence of the Seas

The boarding itself can be an exciting affair – easy on a nice calm day, much more exciting on a stormy one!
pilot boards Independence of the Seas

I took this years ago leaning over the side of a ferry – looking down on the pilot boat as the pilot was about to disembark. Which is a fancy way to say jump on to the pilot boat.
Pilot boat in action