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new craft beers from Galway and Sligo, via Bradleys

Friday, October 31st, 2014

The lads at Galway Hooker Brewery have produced a stout – and I’m sure it’ll be as good as their Pale Ale.
The White Hag brewery in Sligo have launched their range in shops, and I’ve heard great things. I’m really keen to try these. Michael in Bradleys on North Main st has a good stock of both – pop in to get some.

Galway Hooker and White Hag craft beers

While you’re there – he has a fantastic offer on two really tasty wines – Moulin de Gassac red and white. I’m a huge fan of these and for a tenner each you can’t go wrong.

great wine offer in Bradleys

Curious Wines Christmas wine fair

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Curious Wines are holding their
Annual Christmas Wine fair this Saturday 23rd in the Gresham Metropole on MacCurtain Street in Cork City.
It’ll be brilliant – they put on a great show every year.

Curious Wines Annual Christmas Wine Fair

Read their post for more details.

Torres wine tasting at Bradleys on North Main St

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Michael in Bradleys just announced a wine tasting in store on the 6th November.

torres wine tasting

It’ll be well worth a visit.

bubble brothers blog reborn, Paul at the wheel

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

When Julian left Bubble Brothers we lost a great wine blog. Recently, Paul Kiernan, who ran my favourite (and possibly the only genuinely independant) wine blog, under the moniker Grapes of Sloth started to work for Bubble Brothers. Paul has taken over the social media side of the house, and has relaunched the blog, titled “a terroirible beauty”.
The new Bubble Brothers blog is fun and well worth a read. Plenty of competitions too, with decent prizes.

He seems to be finding the time to keep Grapes of Sloth alive too, which is great. Keep it up Paul, who needs sleep?*

* or maybe you’d be less absent minded if you did get more sleep ….. 😛

trying my vin-aire with a wine alliance quinta-do-judeu-2008

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

I picked up a new red to try this evening – a Quinta do Juedeu from the Douro.
Quinta do Judeu and Vin-Aire

It says on the bottle to decant, so I decided it was the perfect time to give my Vin-Aire a real try out. And I just got my hair cut, so I made some videos 🙂
Here’s the vin-Aire in action:

and the verdict on the Vin-Aire:

On the wine – it’s a really nice punchy red wine. I brought it out for Sunday lunch the next day and it went down a treat
with the family. I’m looking forward to trying the white in the range next!

spanish wine tasting at the imperial

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

I went along to the Spanish wine tasting at the Imperial this evening. They had around 20 exhibitors from all over Ireland. The usual cork folk were there, plus a good showing from the rest of the country. A few exhibitors didn’t stay around for the public part of the tasting, which is a pity.

Spanish wine tasting at the Imperial

With about 150 wines on offer, I just scanned the portfolio and then asked for recommendations.
I started with 2 from Barry & Fitzwilliam. They were both excellent, and the spiel and the rep was very friendly and informative.
I moved around and tried a couple from Bubble Brothers, Cassidy Wines, Classic Drinks and Searsons.

My three top picks from the evening were (in no particular order):

If you’ve never been to a wine tasting, Blake Creedon had a great guide to making the most of one. It’s a great evening, and you get to try out a range of wines you might not otherwise try. You can really go out of your comfort zone – if you get something you don’t like, just smile at the vendor, gently pour it away and go find something nice 🙂
In fact, tell them you didn’t like it. They won’t be offended, and they will know what they have that’s different and be able to find you something you’ll like.

3 nice whites

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

ignoring the fact that the weather has taken a turn for the arctic, I tend to drink more white wine in summer.
Here’s my current favourite 3 white wines, all available in Cork.

From Curious Wines, Mont Marçal Blanco 2009. retails at a mere €7.99.

From Bubble Brothers, Mas Codina, DO Penedès 2010. Slightly more at €11.99 but worth every penny.

And from Wine Alliance, Beso De Vino Macabeo 2010. Available around the country and in Bradley’s Off licence on North Main St. I can’t remember the exact price but it’s around a tenner.

You might spot a bit of a trend there with the whites I’m drinking at the moment. I’m also enjoying a lovely white from France, but that’s not available here so I’ll leave it out. Enjoy!

twitter wine tasting with the Corkscrew

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

#twebt is back!

We’re running a brand new twitter event, a blind wine tasting on the 27th March at 8p.m.
The suppliers of the mystery bottle are Paul, Colm and Chris from the The Corkscrew, near Stephens Green in Dublin.

All you need to do to take part is buy the mystery wine online or in the shop, follow me, Kevin and the Corkscrew and then join us on twitter on the 27th at 9pm.

You don’t need to know much about wine or wine tasting. Kev and I will MC the event, and bring you through the process.
We’ll talk about the wine online and then guess

  • grape varietal ->
  • old v new ->
  • country ->
  • region ->
  • year

Full details on the history of #twebt are here.

Hope to see you on the 27th!

top recommendation from wine blogger

Monday, February 14th, 2011

I read wine blogs for a couple of different reasons. Some blogs have brilliant stories and photographs from vineyards all over the world. Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog is an excellent example.

I also read some more local blogs for suggestions for wines to try. Blake Creedon’s blog, as well as his column in the Examiner on Saturdays, or Lar Veale’s blog and column in the Tribune both have recommendations that you can get around the country.

Paul Kiernan writes the Grapes of Sloth, and recently he published a post with a breakdown of his new scoring system. He also reviewed a brace of five star wines, both of which are readily available in Cork City. I decided I’d try one, and when Michael from Bradleys off-licence on North Main st. in Cork mentioned on twitter that he had the Concannon Petite Sirah in stock, my mind was made up. I picked up a bottle on Saturday morning and tasted it that evening.
The wine was lovely and really lived up to the billing. You can read Paul’s notes for a full dicsussion of the wine.
One of the things I most enjoy about wine and the social media scene surrounding wine is recommendations from local bloggers and local retailers. You can’t beat a recommendation from someone local to you, followed by a short trip to a local shop to pick something up.

the corkscrew arrive on the internet in style

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

On my recent trip to Dublin I paid my usual visit to the The Corkscrew, a wine shop located on Chatham Street. For non Dublonians this is just off Grafton Street. The first thing that strikes me about the shop is they have a colour coded pricing system.
Each colour corresponds to a price bracket – this is such a simple and brilliant idea. You can go for a bottle within a price range if you’re not sure what you’re after.

Down the back they have a range of interesting ports and champagnes. They’re the only place I know of to get Royal Oporto port – my favourite port to date.

I picked up a bottle of Rioja, mainly because it was on offer on the website. They honoured the website price too, even though it wasn’t marked on the shelf in the shop.
I drank it a couple of days later and it went down very well with the clan here.

the corkscrew

the corkscrew

The lads only recently launched their new website, and they’ve also arrived on the twitter. You can follow them at @corkscrewnation. They’re being very involved to date – I hope they’ll stick it out. One classy move they’ve made so far – they saw a tweet on twitter from @curlydena and they sent her a bottle of malbec to brighten up her day!

tweet from @curlydena

tweet from @curlydena