the history of twebt

Some time in about November a few of us on twitter were talking about wine tastings, blind tastings and how we could manage one on twitter. @grapes_of_sloth was practising for his wine class and had asked Valerie in Bubble Brothers to prepare a bottle for a blind tasting. She wrapped the bottle so he couldn’t see what it was, so he had a great blind tasting practise. @kevatfennsquay was talking to me about this and wondering if we could manage one online.
We decided you could do a blind tasting on twitter, using a hashtag and so the idea was born!

We had the first ever #twebt in November 2009.
You can see my original blog post.
Bubble Brothers supplied the first ever mystery wine, and we basically ad-libbed the night away. It went very well and we decided we had to have more twebts!

The second one was on the th February 2010, I had this to say. Curious Wines stepped up to the mystery wine plate. Again people had a great time and we got to try a new bottle and have lots of fun trying to guess what it was.

I made some youtube videos to welcome people to twebt.

Number 3 will be in early March. Karwig Wines will supply the mystery bottle. Watch this blog for updates.

If you’re an Irish Wine supplier and you’d like to get in on the #twebt action, drop me an email.

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