the twebt sequence

There is a sqeuence to how we guess the wine. There are 5 main things we try to guess:

  • old/new – is the wine from the old world or the new world?
  • the year – what year was the wine made?
  • country of origin – what country does the wine come from?
  • the grape – what grape or grapes is the wine made from?
  • region – what region does the wine come from?

We guess roughly in that sequence, and some of those things are harder to guess than others.

At each stage through the evening kev@fennsquay and I will ask everyone to take a guess for each point, and then the supplier will tell us what the correct answer is.

You don’t have to guess each part, but it’s more fun if you do. There aren’t any prizes and I guarantee you that people will guess wildly different things.

We’ll guide everyone through the process, and we take it nice and slowly so everyone has a chance to chip in with their thoughts, or to take a little break if they need to!

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